Ryan Souter
Swimming the Dream
The swimming, the passion, the Jimmy!
Written and directed by Ryan Souter
Released in 2013 - Director’s Cut 112 min. - Theatrical Release 88 min.

“Synchronized swimming, greatest thingy in the world” says Jimmy.   

Jimmy (Ryan Souter) has always been a performer, out in front of a crowd and a camera.  But now Jimmy has only one goal in life - to perform the first ever synchronized swimming live-action play.   

With the aid and help from his artistic mother, Maria (Talia Pura), and his twin brother, Johnny (Ryan Souter), Jimmy will go all in to make synchronized swimming history!

Parental Guidance (Crude content. Language may offend)
 Jimmy & Johnny – Ryan Souter 

Maria – Talia Pura 

Trina – Toni Reimer 

Stacy – Karin Rensfelt 

Marjorie – Lois Brothers 

Kelly – Pamela Iveta 

Yoga Student – Ashley Hirt 

Shaniqwa – Ali Tataryn 

Aunt Marge – Megan Mcarton 

Photographer – Jonathan A. Cameron Esquire 

Theatre Actress – Lauren Sellen 

Ron Hansworth – David Hamm 

Dance Instructor – Jessica Borsboom 

Stagette Bride – Renee Lacasse 

Trina’s Mother – Joan 
Jimmy’s Groupie – Louise Anderson 

Back Lane Woman – Leanne Oakes 

Theatre Director – Ian Bawa 

Corporate Video Subject – Bill Findlater 

Ralph – William Pura 

Ron’s Camera Operator – Eric Neufeld 

Jimmy’s Blow Up Doll – Miss. Betty Lou Blow Up Queen 

Stagette Audience – Shawna Benson, Tiana Louise Beaudry, Ian Bawa, Reba Terison, Aaron   

Yoga Class Students – Lisa Saunders, Ian Bawa, Louise Anderson 

Extra Extraordinaire(s) –
Marilyn Souter, Rob Wozny, Livia Saunders Wozny, Jovan Saunders Wozny, Jagdeep Bawa, Mark Grant, Robin Grant, Rockford Grant 

Jimmy’s Photo Bombing Extras – Nicole Saunders, Bryce Saunders, Drew Dear, Courtney Dear, Payton Dear, Laura Fraser, Ian Fraser, Colin Jones, Will Findlater, Katie Findlater, Isla Findlater, Mike Fagundez, Shawna Fagundez 

Voice Narrator – Rob Wozny
On the Edge of Crazy
All they wished for was a quiet, romantic evening. Instead they received the exact opposite.
Written and directed by Ryan Souter
Released in 2007 - Run Time 82 min.

Leland Leonard (Ryan Souter) is an average guy who just wants to have a nice, quiet, romantic evening with his new date, Beverly (Karin Rensfelt).  

Little does he know that his day and evening will be a rollercoaster ride of events and mishaps, all fueled by a crazy ex-girlfriend (RobYn Slade), an aspiring pro-wrestler brother (David Hamm), a troubled best friend (Toby Hughes) and an artistic adult film director.

Parental Guidance (Not recommended for young children, language may offend)
Leland Leonard – Ryan Souter 

Beverly – Karin Rensfelt 

Sharice – RobYn Slade 

Chester – Toby Hughes 

Leo Leonard – David Hamm 

Jacob – Ray Brickwood 

Desire Casanova – Retous Nayr 

Samantha – Veronica Ternopolski 

Donny – Daniel Laye 

Self-Defense Instructor – Tannys Strand
Relative One – Lisa Nelson 

Relative Two – Tonja Zelei 

George – Jon Cameron 

Wallet Thief – Mickey Reid 

Diner Waiter –
Sunny Sidhu 

Lemonade Stand Kid – Jacy Porter 

Sales Customers – Ken Donaldson, Leslie Smith, David Edmundson 

Porno Video Crew – Reece Dyck, Peter Phillips 

Make Out Couple – Chantelle Carpenter, Mike Garrett  
Trio of Success
Taking a stab at pop culture!
Written and directed by Ryan Souter
Released in 2004 - Run Time 105 min.

Meet Dex, Dud, and Dove, (Jon Cameron, David Hamm, Ryan Souter) three adopted brothers who want to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry and gain the public’s respect. 

Told in a documentary style, join them on a crazy adventure as they fight to become male models, the newest boy pop band sensation, and finally an all-star trio dance team. 

So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a bunch of zany characters as the three brothers struggle to become who they are meant to be.

Parental Accompaniment (Crude Content)
Dex Grant – Jon Cameron 

Dud Grant – David Hamm 

Dove Grant & Nathan Dumbfelt – Ryan Souter 

Jonsey D. Maxton – Dan Laye 

Buddy Gladstone –
Mitch Rowson 

Ravene Rouge –
Veronica Ternopolski 

January May – Karin Rensfelt 

Sharina Prune – Kelly Howarth 

Cynthia Grant – Marnie Strath 

Mason Grant – Glen Mitchell

Betty Nutbag – Chris Yuzdepski 

Ron M.D. – Dean McConnell 
Ron M.D. – Dean McConnell 

Duncan Cockson – Will Falk 

The Weird Male Fan – Brian Souter 

Police Officer – Marc Eger 

Fashion Show Assistants – Meagan Martin, Danielle Martin, Brian Souter 

Girl who yells “You guys suck!” – Casie Vitt 

Dud’s Pick Up Girl – Tara Nore 

Young Dance Workshop Girl – Kennedy McConnell 

Narrated by
Gord Mackie