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The Novels
Missing Maria
Trust means everything
Paperback - 356 pages

Genre keywords: Psychological, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Adult Fiction, Crime
Released: May 2023
Available at: Amazon

Aspiring novelist Dalia Comb lives a luxurious life complete with a loving family and professional husband until the fateful night their teenage daughter, Maria, doesn't return.

Thrust into more drama she could ever produce on the page, Dalia turns detective and, aided by her detective brother, investigates a shadowy world of mental trauma, mean streets, and people close to her who are not always what they seem.

The search uncovers twists and trysts, and leads her down rabbit holes into worlds she has never known before. Her fight to bring Maria home ultimately tests her sanity and her marriage.

In MISSING MARIA, Ryan Souter has penned a psychological thriller of a mother’s desperate search for her only child, and how one’s painful past can come back to haunt.


"This was a well written book and the first fiction I have picked up in many years. The story flowed very well and I found myself pulled into the characters’ lives, becoming a part of the suspense which was unfolding. It came to the point where I read for four hours straight just so I could find out what happens and once the book was done I was already missing it. Looking forward to more books by this author and more mysteries to be a part of! I really liked the expertise the author took the time to research, from the detective and how he worked to the 'accident' and the recovery. As they say, 'The Devil is in the details' and this book read very smoothly because of it!"
-Tamara L.

"With his modern style, Ryan Souter takes his readers on a heck of a ride in this novel, using interesting 'real' characters and keeping up the level of tension. His use of sign-posting is excellent, that is when the reader employs hindsight, because as the chapters fly by the clues are subtle and could be missed, in a good way. Dalia has a good life and wants for little other than a strong writing muse to push her along in her desired career as a novelist. When her daughter, Maria goes missing, the reader is provided with some logical choices for what has happened, and who the 'bad guy' might be. With masterful skill, Souter makes use of psychology and the traumas of the past, to lead the reader to an unusual but understandable conclusion. I would definitely read more books written by this Manitoba author. Watch for his name in the future. 4 stars."
-Ishbel Moore (Author of Cupid's Song)

"My heart strings were tugged immediately when I looked at the cover of this book, thinking it was about a missing child, and indeed it was. This book is a page turner as the family struggles to find their teenage daughter, Maria. I recommend it!"
-Diane Van Wart

"Missing Maria is a fantastic mystery thriller that kept me guessing until the last pages. Throughout the investigation that makes up the majority of the book, Souter keeps the tale tightly paced and littered with twists and turns I didn’t see coming, making it very hard to put down! The characters are all unique and engaging, but still people who live in our reality. People you could bump into on the street, but put into extreme situations. I highly recommend Missing Maria for your next summer read!"
-Riley M.

"Missing Maria delves into key human emotions of fear and suspicion. The novel makes you wonder how far you would go faced with a similar situation, questioning your own values. Building steadily, the ending is full of unexpected twists and turns."
-Tanya M.

"SINISTER! Souter sets a mood and draws the reader in. Everything appears fine at surface glance, but your intuition naggingly insists that something is just not right. Keep reading, and you witness a parent's journey from easy living into their worst nightmare. Strong characters. Relentless race against time. In a tradition reminiscent of Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft, this novel expands the universe where other Souter books live. MISSING MARIA will keep you turning pages and up late at night. Enjoy!"
-Mike A.

"Missing Maria is a thriller with twists and turns you don’t see coming. The characters draw you in to their world. You find yourself empathizing for them, only to find out that they are not all who they appear to be! A great read!"
-Roseann R.

"Missing Maria is an entertaining, quickly paced read showing the lengths parents will go for their children. It delves into the dark sides of humanity, and how you don't always truly know others, even those closest to you. Inspired by some real events and linking briefly back to another of Souter's earlier works, the book will be enjoyed by anyone into thrillers and mysteries."
-Katie F.

"I really liked this book. The plot grabbed me in the first chapter and kept me turning pages until the end. A well developed cast of characters with ‘good guys’ that — despite some failings — are indeed more good than not and ‘bad guys’ that — notwithstanding perhaps some reasons to be bad/flawed — were truly unpleasant. As the book says “trust is everything”… trust me, this is worth a read."

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Little Devil Inside
Everyone needs someone
Paperback - 356 pages

Genre: Psychological Suspense
Release year: 2020
Publisher: Self-Published

John Marvin walks the high school hallways and streets of Island Cove mostly unnoticed. A Grade 12, socially awkward outcast, his world is turned upside down when a new girl arrives in town.

After sudden tragedy hits John’s life, he is forced to find a heartfelt, human connection. Wanting another life, he focuses on the new girl who has shown him care and affection. The two build a friendship, but John finds himself needing more.

With an unflinching, human desire for acceptance, John finds his life spinning out of control, taking others with him and leaving the quiet town of Island Cove shattered forever. 

Great read.. once I started I couldn't stop until it was finished! Lived the development of characters...could feel their pain and what drove John to do what he did.
-Amazon Kindle Customer

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The Movies
Swimming the Dream
The swimming, the passion, the Jimmy!
Written and directed by Ryan Souter
Released in 2013 - Director’s Cut 112 min. - Theatrical Release 88 min.

“Synchronized swimming, greatest thingy in the world” says Jimmy.   

Jimmy (Ryan Souter) has always been a performer, out in front of a crowd and a camera.  But now Jimmy has only one goal in life - to perform the first ever synchronized swimming live-action play.   

With the aid and help from his artistic mother, Maria (Talia Pura), and his twin brother, Johnny (Ryan Souter), Jimmy will go all in to make synchronized swimming history!

On the Edge of Crazy
All they wished for was a quiet, romantic evening. Instead they received the exact opposite.
Written and directed by Ryan Souter
Released in 2007 - Run Time 82 min.

Leland Leonard (Ryan Souter) is an average guy who just wants to have a nice, quiet, romantic evening with his new date, Beverly (Karin Rensfelt).  

Little does he know that his day and evening will be a rollercoaster ride of events and mishaps, all fueled by a crazy ex-girlfriend (RobYn Slade), an aspiring pro-wrestler brother (David Hamm), a troubled best friend (Toby Hughes) and an artistic adult film director.

Trio of Success
Taking a stab at pop culture!
Written and directed by Ryan Souter
Released in 2004 - Run Time 105 min.

Meet Dex, Dud, and Dove, (Jon Cameron, David Hamm, Ryan Souter) three adopted brothers who want to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry and gain the public’s respect. 

Told in a documentary style, join them on a crazy adventure as they fight to become male models, the newest boy pop band sensation, and finally an all-star trio dance team. 

So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a bunch of zany characters as the three brothers struggle to become who they are meant to be.

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The Author / Filmmaker
“You deserve to be entertained through story,” says Ryan Souter.

Through his high school years Souter gravitated towards the areas of video production, acting classes, screenwriting, and high school theatre, playing the role of the monster in the high school play Frankenstein in Grade 11.

Having a strong interest in video production, screenwriting and acting, Souter and friends, David Hamm and Warren Pilozow, in Grade 12, made an independent film titled Deadly Resemblance. A passion for movie making was born.

“The creativity bug isn’t something you ever really get rid of when it latches onto you,” says Souter. “It may lay dormant at times, but it’s always there.”
Author, Writer, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Psychological, Thriller, Fiction, Entertainment, Kindle, Amazon, e-reader,